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Esham says he’s only rapper who ever defeated Eminem, claims he never seen “8 Mile” movie



Esham / Eminem

Detroit hip-hop pioneer Esham has recently sat down with Kid L where he discussed his timeline from before rap, during rap, his first album, his encounters with D12 and Eminem, and his closure of the situation with Detroit legend Big Proof. They also discussed his concern for culture protection for the city of Detroit.

Esham lying about 8 Mile
Proof from D12 used to go to my high school. I’m the person that made him want to be a rapper. I had rap records out when I was in high school. I was that person who did all of that. And me, I would help everybody, that’s just how I was raised. There is no outlets for musicians in Detroit. There is no Universal Records downtown, there is no Interscope record downtown so that frustration, that’s what got people out here just mad because they’ll do anything to get that record deal. I’ve seen so many people in the movie 8 Mile, none of them could get a record deal after that. Not one of them. Even being in that huge movie. It was a fantasy or something? I never seen 8 Mile movie. I live on 8 Mile, I know what real 8 Mile look like. It’s a rap movie about a rapper that be punching motherf–kers in the face of the city of Detroit. That s–t never happened. I got a question for Em. Why Proof could not play Proof in 8 Mile?

Esham lying about Eminem restricting Swifty McVay, Bizarre and Kuniva from mentioning D12 by using the N word
Did I have opportunity to sign to Shady Records? No. Why would I want to be a part of that. I don’t have nothing against them but they don’t actually put records out. I mean, whose records did they put out? Is it a real record company? Last time I checked Em said don’t say D12 in any records no more. He was like ‘y’all motherf–kers don’t say don’t say D12. It’s heavy on the ER when he said n-gger to him too. Did he call them n–gers or something? He was like ‘f–k you n-ggers.’

Esham lying about Proof and getting beaten up by D12 members
Bizarre said that they jumped me back in the days. First of all, Bizarre was over there getting some hot dogs from hot dog stands. He was not even there. Rufus needs to stop lying. But in all fairness, that was about the City of Detroit, that was not about no raps I made. We come from era of rap where you gon’ say my name then b–ch I’m coming. And I’m the only person that lyrically defeated Eminem. Hands down, flawless victory. He didn’t even respond. It was like me beating up on a baby. I don’t have nothing against these guys. You have to ask them why would y’all be talking about this man and he from the city. I just feel like it was an attack on my character. People who physically assaulted me…I’m from Detroit man, we really don’t be talking about that type s–t. It was 30 of them n-ggas but I’m still here. We were fighting Proof and them. Proof was the one we were fighting but Proof ain’t here anymore. And I squashed all that with Proof. I’m the reason that beef got squashed. Proof called me right before he died. He made up with me. He told me bunch of stuff about his label and all the discrepancies that he had and all the stuff that was going on over there and what Paul Rosenberg and all of them were doing over there to him and how they played him and stuff like that. I know what he said and I know what he went through. But we were man enough to squash that s–t.

Esham justifying himself form mentioning Eminem’s daughter Hailie in a diss record
Yeah, I said something about Eminem’s daughter. So what? That n-gga can say anything he wants about somebody. When you say my name, it’s on! This is f–king rap n-gga. You said something about Christopher Reeve when he was paralyzed? What about his family? You said something about Michael Jackson, that’s my motherf–king boy, now what?! Ain’t no motherf–kin’ ‘you said something’. If he still butur about that, f–king good! Good b-tch! I’ll say it again! F–k him.”

Eminem and Esham had a beef in the early 2000s. Esham released a disstrack on Eminem called “Chemical Imbalance” where he also dissed Eminem’s little daughter, Hailie. D12 members beat up Esham because of that song. Esham suffered a broken nose, ruptured eyeball, mild concussion and a loss of hearing in his left ear…You can watch the new interview below: