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Lil’ Troy recalls a story about his encounter with Eminem at Miami club




Huston-born hip-hop artist, Lil’ Troy, whose debut album Sittin’ Fat Down South came out in 1987, has recently sat down with Willie D on his podcast where he talked about discovering Scarface, J. Prince, son’s robbery case and much more. At one point of the interview, he recalled the story about his encounter with Eminem in one of the clubs in Miami.

“I’mma tell you story about Eminem. I like Eminem. He was in Miami. We all had Limos [Limousines] to take us to the club. Everybody had their own Limo. I got big section. I’m hot in Miami at that time. So people came in, Eminem came in. They had him over the little section over there but nobody was paying attention. He was not hot yet. He came back, went outside, they came and asked me about my Limo cause I had my Limo stayed there just in case I need to leave, don’t take my Limo, they were taking everybody else’s Limos, going back and forth and brining people to the club. I said leave mine right there, I might need to leave all of the sudden. I got enough clout, they gotta do what I asked them to do. Eminem came out with his man like ‘Eminem want to go back to hotel room but they ain’t got the Limo, can we use your Limo?’ I was like ‘Nah! you can’t use my Limo, I want my Limo stay right there. And 3-4 months later, Eminem is biggest in life.” said Lil’ Troy.

Then he continued: “I wish I came out and shook his hand and talk to him and let him have my Limo to go back to hotel room. He’d remember me or something [Laughs]. I’ve been so blessed that he never dissed me. He diss you on one line on a hit song, he don’t make song about you, he just diss you on his song on one line… When I heard him come out, I said ‘Man, I should have got cool with that white boy’ I’m truppin’ cause he blew right after that.”

You can watch the interview below: