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50 Cent talks “BMF,” featuring Eminem: “I love him to death”




50 Cent has returned to “The Beat” to discuss his new Starz series “Black Mafia Family,” featuring Eminem and Snoop Dogg. The TV series premiers on September 26, 2021.

“I got Eminem on BMF on Episode 7, you will get a chance to see him. He is playing White Boy Rick, a guy from Detroit. He was aware of prior story and he came around pretty cool. He has not done anything since 8 Mile so it’s a big deal so everyone’s excited and I’m just happy that he did it when I’m directing. It’s exciting.”

“When he came on the set he was like ‘so what we doing here’ he was waiting me to give him directions. It was great experience for me. And you knw, our entire relationship…even when I was on Eminem’s label I was supposed to do what he told me to do he always act like it was for favor. He was like ‘let me just favor when its time to do a song together’ and I’m like ‘yeah, and anything else you ask me to do’ because my career would not be what it is without him being part of it the way he was. I love him to death.” said 50 Cent.

Then Fifty continues talking about Snoop Dogg’s role in the series. You can watch the interview below: