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Eminem speaks out against the law that bans abortion




Last Friday, The United States Supreme Court voted to overturn the 1973 bill Roe Vs. Wade, leaving it up to each individual state whether to ban abortions or not. Protests erupted across the country and Eminem seems to be one of them.

As a father to three daughters – Hailie Jade, Alaina Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers, the Detroit legend is taking action. Yesterday, Slim Shady fired off a tweet clearly illustrating where he stands on the issue while providing a resource for his Michigan community.

“As a father it pisses me off that women have fewer rights today than just a few days ago. We are f**king going backwards. Here’s how to help in Michigan.” Tweeted Eminem with a link to an organization called Reproductive Freedom For All.

The link explains now that Roe Vs. Wade has been overturned, a 1931 Michigan law could go back into effect, “making abortion illegal and threatening doctors who provide abortion services with prison for up to 15 years.” The organization proposes an amendment that would ensure no one goes to prison for “providing safe medical care as well as ensure access to a broad range of reproductive health care, including abortion.”

Check the tweet below.