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Lil Wayne & Terence Crawford show love to Eminem




The undisputed boxing champion Terence Crawford sat down with Lil Wayne on Episode 3 of Season 2 of Weezy’s Young Money radio show on Apple Music where the two talked about Eminem walking out with Crawford against Errol Spence fight last summer.

Lil Wayne: I hope you realize how much of a legend you are cause you got Eminem to walk out with you. He don’t do that for nobody. Man, Em don’t even come out for shows, nothing.

Terence Crawford: “Man, I was thrown by that. When he comment on my status, my post on my Instagram, I was just like ‘WOW!’. Then I commented on it and he replied and hit me in the inbox, I was like ‘oh, it’s really going down.’ I was kinda skeptical until he got there and we got there, I was like ‘oh, this is real!’. Everything worked out like the way it was supposed to.

Lil Wayne: Shout out to Em man. I saw him at Tyson fight too. Tyson Fury fight. He was up there and I was like ‘damn, they got Em come way out here?!’ And he had like million people around him and it looks so aggravating.

Crawford defeated Spence via ninth-round technical knockout to become the first male to win the undisputed championship in two weight classes in the four belt era.

For the full interview, visit Apple Music here.