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Is Eminem teasing new album with the new merch?!




Eminem is celebrating the 2023’s Halloween with the release of the new merch called Shady Rated R capsule and fans are now speculating that it might be a hint at the new album.

The new merchandise includes a custom Halloween designs, and one of the prints could be a hint at the title of some new music release. “A walking talking nightmare is unleashed, the terror continues, Eminem returns in the latest instalment of the Slim Shady – Die Now, Cry Later,” is printed on the hoodie.

“God if he does do another SSLP.. I don’t know how will he capture the same magic again honestly. Hope he names the album something else and raps on more dark and sinister beats and more rap features.” said one of the fans. Another added: “ITS PERHAPS JUST A REFERENCE TO PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF MERCH DROPS. Remember Shady Demolition? this one is Shady Rater R and there was another Shady related drop I guess.”

Some of the fans remembered the snippet White Gold posted on his story couple of months ago. The intro of the snippet goes like this: “Hey Slim, wanna get wasted? / You got all the money in the world, I know your bored / No, but really, Slim / You know you can have 2 million hoes when you tour, maybe more / Look, I thought you was a rapper / Besides the money, ain’t this what you doin’ it for? / Maybe I’m wrong, and as the world turns / You know the public is movin’ on from you, right?”

White Gold and Eminem have previously collaborated on two tracks, “You Gon’ Learn” with Royce 5’9″ and “Zeus”, both from Music To Be Murdered By album. Last year, the musician hinted that more songs with Eminem was coming.

First installment: The Slim Shady EP. Second installment: The Slim Shady LP. Third installment: The Slim Shady LP2. Is this it?! Or is this just the third part of his Slim Shady merch capsule?

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