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White Gold shares Eminem related snippet: Listen




White Gold has recently posted a cryptic video snippet on his Instagram story that’s supposed to be an Eminem song.

This lyrics of the song mentions “Slim” and references “As The World Turns,” a 1999 song where Eminem appears entirely as Slim Shady, an alias which represents the dark and impulsive side of his personality. At the end of the first verse, the evil finally “transforms him” into Shady, losing all impulse control. He then continues to terrorize various women throughout the song.

The intro of the snippet goes like this: “Hey Slim, wanna get wasted? / You got all the money in the world, I know your bored / No, but really, Slim / You know you can have 2 million hoes when you tour, maybe more / Look, I thought you was a rapper / Besides the money, ain’t this what you doin’ it for? / Maybe I’m wrong, and as the world turns / You know the public is movin’ on from you, right?”

White Gold and Eminem have previously collaborated on two tracks, “You Gon’ Learn” with Royce 5’9″ and “Zeus”, both from Music To Be Murdered By album. Last year, the musician hinted that more songs with Eminem was coming.

Reddit user Clear_Letterhead_858 did some research around the snippet and here is what he says: “Did some research in regards to White Gold’s story and DMed narzabeats whose @ is seen in the story. He reposted a reel that an Em fan account posted. I DMed him and asked if it was for an upcoming White Gold song and he liked my DM. I’d say odds are this is for part of an album.”

You can listen to the snippet below and tell us your opinions in the comment sections of our social media accounts: