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GRIP talks about Eminem slander, raps his “Patiently Waiting” verse




GRIP has recently done an interview on Mr Jay Hill Network where he talked about the Eminem slander that’s been going on for the last ten years.

“Eminem slander…It’s been a sneaky ten years bro. And it’s because, think about this, you got, let’s say, 19, five years ago you were 14. And you might not even have been on social media and now you got this opinion, you young and you say whatever the f–k you wanna say cause you listening to whoever the f–k you listen to. So you just kind of follow popular opinion and you ain’t took time to go back and study cause you are not a rapper. You go to high school and you are listening whoever.” said GRIP

Then he continued: “Ni–as been tripping but it does not even matter. A legend paid Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, what, what’s the debating for? Like I told you, they gonna debate Kobes, LeBrons, Jordans. Hey man, they already paved the way. They made their legacy.”

“I had Eminem and Royce 5’9″ on my first record. That was a full circle moment. These are the biggest songs that I ever done. I didn’t write the verse multiple times, I only wrote one verse for it but I was so meticulous with that cause bro it’s Eminem, he gonna rip you apart regardless.”

“Back in the days, as a kid, I was like, DAMN, Em’s structure on ‘Renegade’! You had to literally slit write that down and be like ‘hold on bro, what the f–k.’ But he had to! Who he was on the track with?! JAY-Z! He might have been like ‘this might be the biggest song I’ve done. I’m on Jay’s album!’ It was 2001 and Em was big but think about it bro. He grew up on it. Eminem was trying to do s–t when Jay-Z was popping.”

You can watch the interview below: