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Westside Boogie takes on GRIP for Red Bull’s “Rap IQ” game




How high is our Shady Records boy’s rap IQ? Westside Boogie and Brittany Sky take on GRIP and Dee Moe to put their hip-hop knowledge to the test for Red Bull’s Rap IQ game show.

Rules of the game are as following: The host names the artist and the first team have to buzz and give the name of someone who has collaborated with the artist named. The opposing team then have five seconds to name a new collaborator of the new artist that was said. Both teams will then bounce the artists back and forth until someone fails.

At one point, the host named Snoop Dogg on which GRIP quickly replied Dr. Dre. Then Westside Boogie named Eminem. GRIP hit back with Skylar Grey. Boogie had hard time naming Skylar Grey collaborator and made everyone laugh by joking “why did I bring Eminem into this.” GRIP and Dee Moe came out as the winners of that round.

You can watch the full Red Bull competition below: