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Westside Boogie

Westside Boogie’s “More Black Superheroes” album receives positive reviews from critics




About a week ago, Westside Boogie released “More Black Superheroes,” the follow-up to his Shady Records debut album “Everythings For Sale.” The new 12 buttery smooth tracks boast features from Snoop Dogg, Souja Boy, Smino and Storm Ford among others.

The album has received positive reviews from critics. Check out what they got to say about Boogie below.

Pitchfork – 7.3/10

As opposed to the straightforward way 2019’s Everything’s for Sale approached the transactional nature of love and death, there’s a tinge of irony to More Black Superheroes that gives weight to its darker moments. Honesty may be his superpower, but he’s no better at avoiding temptation or succumbing to emotional impulses. And yet, the dichotomy of trying versus succeeding to better yourself is the latent theme of the album. You can’t be a hero if you’re not willing to face your demons.

Beats Per Minute – 8.3/10

MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES is an album that finds Westside Boogie trapped between two poles. He’s reaching for the enlightenment and even grandeur that comes from speaking on the issues that he truly wishes to tackle, yet, he’s constantly dragged back down by his very humanity. Suffice to say: he’s no superhero, and none of us are. Yet, in the very aspiration, in the desire to reach for that unfathomable peace and perfection, he’s doing and saying more than most rappers bother – or even dare – to. He says it himself: “Ain’t nobody bigger than the program.”

RatingsGameMusic – 8/10

People automatically assume that street rappers aren’t allowed to create music that is well-structured and pure. Yes, Westside Boogie is a certified street ninja, but he’s also a great musician; both things can be true. In MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES, it’s amazing how he puts the guard that we assume he has down and makes everything from alternative hip-hop to soulful hip-hop tracks. Don’t get it wrong, you still get your gangsta music like “AIGHT,” but for the most part, you just get really good music with big messages in it.

Legends Will Never Die – 7/10

On More Black Superheroes, we have to admire the whole concept of embracing your powers as well as how much Westside Boogie has grown both creatively and personally since the last time we heard from him.