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Dr. Dre

Marsha Ambrosius releases “Casablanco” album, produced by Dr. Dre



Official cover art for CASABLANCO / Marsha Ambrosius & Dr. Dre

Yesterday, Aftermath/Interscope Records released Grammy-nominated soul icon Marsha Ambrosius ’ 4th solo studio album, titled CASABLANCO, which was executive produced by Dr. Dre. The duo set out to create a jazz album — but instead they made a genre-bending tour de force. A fusion of technical mastery and unbridled imagination, CASABLANCO is a mesmerizing portrait of two music icons at work.

To help sculpt the smoldering album, Ambrosius and Dr. Dre enlisted a super-team of creators from Aftermath: Focus…, Erik “Blu2th” Griggs, Dem Jointz, Phonix and DJ Khalil. Across studio sessions that began in 2021, the duo and their collaborators hit a creative apex, driving the sonics of what would become an exhilarating album.

Ambrosius gave fans tantalizing glimpses of CASABLANCO in the months before its release with the singles “The Greatest,” “One Night Stand,” and, most recently, “Greedy.”

From her time in R&B outfit Floetry to her solo career, Ambrosius has captured the imaginations of fans with her captivating voice and relatable lyrics. With singles like “Far Away,” “Run” and “Late Nights & Early Mornings,” she shared the raw, intoxicating feelings of loss, heartache and true connection. And that does not even begin to touch upon her important contribution as a songwriter, crafting tracks for the likes of Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Solange and H.E.R. Now, with the arrival of CASABLANCO, Ambrosius embarks upon a thrilling new musical chapter that captures the full extent of her artistry.

“Dr. Dre dared me to dream bigger and aim higher. CASABLANCO took on a life of its own once we grasped the concept. The ideas just kept coming, and everyone was on the same page at the same time.” – says Ambrosius… You can stream the album below: