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Watch: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent on Jimmy Kimmel Live



Snoop Dogg / Dr. Dre / 50 Cent on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After getting a star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Dr. Dre sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent where the legendary hip-hop producer talked about Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album, Eminem’s upcoming album, making of “Get Rich Or Die Tryin‘” and “Forgot About Dre” and more. The crew also did “Dre’s Anatomy” sketch for JKL.

Dr. Dre on “Forgot About Dre”
Usually, the track is laid out [before the lyrics]. Every now and then artist comes in with the lyrics first and that has only happened couple of times in my career. One time it was with Eminem on a song called “Forgot About Dre.” Eminem wrote that. He had the entire song written before the track so we had to make the track work for his lyrics. He wrote that entire song.

Dr. Dre on Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album “Missionary” which is entirely produced by Dre himself
Let me take it from here. As long as we’ve been known each other…The first album I’ve done with Snoop was in 1993. And it’s the only album I ever produced on Snoop. 30 years ago, so now, believe it or not, we are getting together again and we are almost done with the album. The first album was called “Doggystyle” so we decided to flip it and call this one “Missionary.” [Snoop Dogg added: “It’s gonna come out. Dr. Dre will begin mixing in mid April.”]

Dr. Dre and 50 Cent on “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'”
50 Cent: Dre is complete inspiration for me. I’ve been listening to his music before it was even a serious idea for me to get next to him. And when I got to the studio, even our first record, it was four days, I think we did eight joints…
Dr. Dre: No, it was seven days. Okay, let me tell you the story. Let me interrupt 50 for a second. So, I did “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” and it was supposed to be me producing half of the album and Eminem producing the other half. I was in the studio with 50 for just seven days of my entire half of the album. He came in there and went crazy. Writing, alright put up another one, writing, put up another one and we got entire thing done in seven days. At least my half. That’s what happened.

50 Cent reveals he’s featured on “The Missionary” album
I got one with Snoop. I’ll tell you how that works. I get text message from Dre, I get text message from Em almost simultaneously and it goes like ‘stop what you doing, I don’t care if you producing television shows, I don’t care what you doing, stop and figure out how to get this done for us right now because it’s that urgent.’ And then I went and wrote my part. When I get it done, I sent it back and I get fire emojis back cause Dre usually don’t say things.

Dr. Dre on new Eminem album
Let me tell you something. Let me explain something right now. Eminem is working on his own album which is coming out this year and I actually talked to him and he said it was okay for me to make that announcement right here on this show. So yeah, the album coming out, I got songs on it and it’s fire. I’m actually going to hear entire album for the first time tomorrow. He holds his music close to his chest so I have not heard everything. I have not even heard everything complete that I’ve done but I’m gonna hear it and he’s putting out album this year. There are things on there that I have to mix that I’ve done but I got a chance to hear album in its entirety.