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Ez Mil

Ez Mil freestyles over Lil Durk & J Cole’s “All My Life” & talks meeting Eminem




Shady Records newest artist, Ez Mil, has recently visited Pete Rosenberg’s Real Late on Hot 97 and covers Lil Durk and J Cole’s “All My Life.” He also did an interview with Rosenberg where he talked about talked about meeting Eminem, coming up in the Philippines and much more.

During an interview, Peter Rosenberg said that Ez Mil signing to Shady was entire Eminem’s idea: “I saw Paul recently at the Westside Gunn album event and told him I was gonna see you. Shouts out to Griselda. I said ‘I’m gonna see Ez Mil next week so what’s the deal? Is he through you or Marshall?’ And he was like ‘Nah, he came from Marshall, this is Marshall’s thing.”

Then Ez Mil continued talked about his first interaction with Eminem: “We was at Dre’s studio…It was just a regular day and my girl just went to work and I was working on some beats and what happened was, my girl overlooked an email from Paul Rosenberg. And it was like ‘nah, this is not Paul.’ She thought it was cap. Email said ‘yo, can we get a contact to Ez Mil?’ The message was so casual, she didn’t expect this cause usually it would be like big one, looking formal. She then got call and when she got home she told me and I was like ‘CAP! BULLS–T!’ When I realized it was serious, I freaked the f–k out. The dude I copy contacted me!”

“Now we are in Dre’s studio and yet to meet Eminem. So that’s what happened, there is a lobby and I come through there. Dre was sitting right there. There was a door leading to the studio. Dre stood up and he was like ‘hey superstar.’ As I walked in the studio, Em was right there, sitting on the couch. And when I walked in, he was like ‘EZEKIEL! Where have you been in the last 20 years?!’ I just wanted to ask him one question the whole time ‘Why have not you never been in Philippines?!'”

“When we was in the studio he was telling me, he kinda found us through ‘Up Down’ music video and in three days after he found that video, that’s when he told his people to reach out. And in two months I got signed. Eminem’s an OG! His influence to music in general, not even just in rap, I find great inspiration in people who can still do what they are able to do and still being with family.” – he added.

Then Ez hopped on the rooftop to perform his version of “All My Life.” You can watch the performance below: