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Eminem reacts to Detroit Lion’s comeback win over Chicago Bears




With the Detroit Lions’ thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Chicago Bears, they have now moved to 8-2 on the season. As it currently stands, it is the second-best record in the NFL, only behind the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

This is also a stunning landmark for the Lions franchise. The last time they were 8-2 was in 1962, four seasons before the very first Super Bowl. That’s 61 years since the Lions have started out with such an impressive record through 10 games. Combined with the team’s 8-2 finish to last season, the Lions have now won a remarkable 16 of their last 20 games.

If you’re wondering what happened back in 1962 when the Lions started 8-2, the Lions finished with an 11-3 record—behind the Green Bay Packers’ 13-1 season (the one loss coming to Detroit in the finale—AKA the Thanksgiving Day Massacre.) The Lions would end up winning the third-place game, beating the Steelers 17-10 for a 12-3 finish to the season.

This year, the sky is the limit for the Lions. While that was not anywhere near a good game against the Bears, it shows the tenacity of this team and their ability to make big plays in big moments. They will look to move to 9-2 in just a few days against the Green Bay Packers, who are coming off a fourth-quarter comeback win of their own.

It’s seems Detroit legend Eminem was also impressed with the win. “I can’t f–king believe it!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!! @Lions thank you for the heart attack!!! Let’s f–king goooooooooooo!!!!” wrote Eminem on X. Check the post below: