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Eminem says he’s working on new music, threatens Ben Johnson with diss song if he leaves Detroit Lions




A head of San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions game, Eminem visited DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 radio where he talked about the game and revealed that he’s currently working on some new music.

“I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever even see this. I didn’t realize how good the team actually was and when we beat Kansas City in the first game I was like BRO! F–king Goff…It’s the whole f–king team. Everything is clicking right now. I love Stafford man. I love what Stafford did for us when he was here but bro, Goff is, he’s f–king surgical.” said Eminem.

Then he continued: “If Deebo don’t play, it’d be so great [Laughs]. Does he not feel good or something? I don’t know if he really wants to test that shoulder and injure it more. 49ers are great team and they really gonna be hard to beat. I’m so into what’s going on right now, I can’t even think about anything else. This is taking precedence over my entire life right now. We went to championship game 32 years ago. But we only won one playoff game back then. There were less games. We have never gotten this far. I know it’s a championship game but we never won two playoff games and we are so close bro. I have to be there. There is no f–king way I’m not gonna be there and I just saw today that Ben Johnson might be going to [Washington] Commanders and if he leaves us bro…Ben Johnson, if you leave us, diss record is coming! Diss song is coming!”

Then DJ Whoo Kid asked about the new music, on which, Slim Shady replied: “Absolutely nothing. Nah man, I’m working on little something.” You can listen to the interview below: