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Westside Boogie looking for a rap beef, comments on Drake & Kendrick Lamar feud



Image Via: Hat Club YouTube channel.

Westside Boogie has recently visited Hat Club to do some hat shopping. In the newest episode of Crowned hosted by Brownbag Podcast’s and Power 106’s Rosecrans Vic at Hat Club LA on Melrose Avenue, Boogie talks about his music career, his love for the fitted culture, when his latest music projects will be releasing soon and much more.

About Superheroes from Compton. 
I’m going to take out Dr. Dre from there just because I feel like he represents LA as a whole. He’s like a cheat code so let’s just be more specific. My big hommie [G Weer] who is one of the reasons I got signed. That’s my number one hero. Number two, Kendrick. He’s from my neighborhood, shout out to the guy. Shout out to Serena, one of the greatest athletes of all time. DJ Quik, one of my inspirations growing up. I gravitated towards his beats and I feel like that’s a west coast sound. One more? Can I say myself? Myself! I’m a hero.

About Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef. 
I’m going to be bias and I’m going to be a delusional LA native always. Kendrick was my favorite rapper before this and the fact that he’s from my neighborhood I’m always going to side with him. But I think it was super dope for hip-hop, not to discredit anything that Drake done for hip-hop, the city got a W. We won it, in my opinion. The fact that in this era where we all got this short attention span and they gave us music back to back to back to back and you got to see Kendrick strategy, stepping all over releases, I think it was dope!

About friendly back and forth beef with someone. 
Oh yeah [I’m down for that]. I always wanted that. I love competing. I feel like, if you say you competing you got to have that moment in your career where you go at somebody and see if you could survive and it could define you so I think it’s dope. I’m waiting for the smoke. It’s hard for me to picture myself having problem with somebody just on some rap s–t. I got to really not like you. You really got to say something disrespectful about the person and even get the point across.

About his new music music. 
Trying to get out of my head and drop third album. So, that’s the plan. With artists like myself, who spend a lot of time working on lyrics and making sure to put out the best product you get caught in that overthinking so this year is the year I’m trying to actually drop. As far as the message I wanna deliver with this project, it’s still n early stages. I got a lot of records done so it’s about filtering out my ideas and making sure I got tunnel vision of what I want to do with the project and what message I want to deliver.

Watch the entire interview below: