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Joyner Lucas names artists who are better than him



Eminem / Joyner Lucas

Couple of days ago, Joyner Lucas released his much anticipated album titled Not Now I’m Busy with features from Jelly Roll, Twista, NBA YoungBoy, Logic, Conway The Machine, the late legend DMX and more. To promote the album, the Worcester, Massachusetts-born rapper sat down with Sway In The Morning on Shade 45 where he talked about his new album, DMX influence, Big 3 convo and more. At one point of the interview, Joyner listed artists that he feels are better than him and there is no weakness to acknowledge it.

“I never really had a desire to be the king of anything. It’s just not my personality to be self-proclaimed to anything. I just kinda allow people place me where they wanna place me but that does not mean I’m not competitive. I just never really care to be like ‘I’M THE BEST, I’m THE KING. I’M THE BEST RAPPER IN THE WORLD.’ It’s all subjective.” said Joyner Lucas.

Then he continued: “A lot of people say you should want to be the best, you should say you are the best and nobody’s better than you. They think it’s weak to say somebody is better than you. I disagree with that. I don’t feel that at all. I feel like there are lots of artist that are better than me. Eminem is better than me. Drake is better than me. I don’t have a problem saying that. People might look at me as weak for saying that but that’s just how I feel.”

“I feel like certain artists are better than me. Do I feel like Drake is better storyteller record to me? F–k no! There’s no way. He can’t make “I’m Not Racist,” he can’t make “Ross Capicchioni,” he can’t make “Best For Me,” but he can make “God’s Plan,” I can’t make that s–t. He can make “Hotline Bling,” I can’t do that s–t. He can hop into all these different lanes and s–t and do all these “Controller.” He’s a hybrid for real. He can sing and s–t. I can’t sing. But I think he’s overall better than me. All these stats and all the things that he could do that I could not. Kendrick can get lyrically better than me. He get busy and I love that about Kendrick. So to answer your question, I don’t care about being the besI’m just a fan of other artists bro.” Joyner Lucas added.