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Big Daddy Kane recalls first time hearing Eminem




Big Daddy Kane talked about Eminem and first hearing Slim Shady during an interview with HipHopDX’s Jeremy Hecht at the 2023 BET Awards red carpet.

Interviewer: I know you got the documentary coming and it seems like you really going deep into not only the history that you’ve impacted but the history of hip-hop as a whole. Is there something that surprised you or that you learned from doing those interviews?

Big Daddy Kane: Yeah. The interview with Eminem was very very intense. He mentioned some things that I guess I never really paid attention to or even thought about. I had to really sit and say ‘you sure that I’m the first person who did that?! Hold on, let me double check.’ He mentioned some things that I never really thought about it or I even paid attention to.

Interviewer: When you first heard Eminem, do you remember where you were?

Big Daddy Kane: Honestly, the first time I heard Eminem was Slim Shady. Somebody else played something that he was on before and let me hear. I was like ‘yo, he is nice! he’s nice and he’s funny.’ And then when I heard him get real super lyrical, I was like ‘oh, nah, this dude is a problem. he’s dope.’

Interviewer: Did it take a while to get that interview? You know, he does not come out of his house very often.

Big Daddy Kane: Nah, I mean, actually, we reached out and we got word back probably a week or two.

Big Daddy Kane has finalized a forthcoming Netflix documentary titled Paragraphs I Manifest. As the title suggests, the film focuses on the art of emceeing and feature several high-profile interviews with some of the most prolific rappers in Hip Hop, including Eminem, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Common and others.