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Big Daddy Kane reveals few things Eminem talks about in his upcoming Netflix documentary




In a recent interview with AllHipHop magazine, Big Daddy Kane provided an update on his forthcoming Netflix documentary, titled Paragraphs I Manifest, which boasts several high-profile interviews with everyone from Eminem and Jay-Z to J. Cole and Common.

“We’re in the editing stages right now. And hopefully, we’ll be finished within the next two months. That’s what I’m praying for, you know, because I really feel that it’s important to get this out as Hip-Hop is celebrating 50 years.” says Big Daddy Kane.

Then he continues: “The most rewarding part of this experience is hearing different artists’ perspectives. To sit with someone like Common, who I respect as a great lyricist and is someone with a unique flow other than the norm and representing a city other than New York, to hear his influences and his thought process, things of that nature. To hear Eminem talk about losing a rap battle. To hear him talking about what motivated him to write a song, who he listened to and studied, stuff like that.”

“The biggest thing I learned was something Eminem said, because I never really thought about it. When I am writing and I am doing what I do, I am just in my zone. I am listening to him talk, but as I am listening to him, I am trying to think who did it before me, and I actually could not come up with no one. I was just sitting there really blown away.”

“When we left, I actually went listening to different artists that had songs out before me to see if anyone else did that in their writing style, and I did not find no one. I am not saying that I am the first,  am just saying that so far I have not found anyone. It was crazy.” Big Daddy Kane added.

You can listen to the audio news below: