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Big Daddy Kane talks about Eminem on Drink Champs, comments about Melle Mel & Eminem situation




Big Daddy Kane sits down with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN for an in-depth conversation on one of the latest episodes of Drink Champs. They discuss his origins getting put on by Biz Markie, his role in helping launch Biggie’s career, reminiscing on the Juice Crew days, and Kane’s new documentary ‘Paragraphs I Manifest’ focused on lyricism.

He also gives his thoughts on the current rap game, shares backstories behind many classic songs, talks beef with MC Shan, and reveals performing recently in Queensbridge with Kool G Rap. It’s an insightful interview highlighting Kane’s iconic career and impact on hip hop. At one point of the three hour long interview, Big Daddy Kane talked about Eminem too.

“When we heard ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and what N.W.A. was talking about, we got an experience of what the streets was like in LA. When Geto Boys came out, we had a chance to experience what the streets was like in Houston. Even with Eminem, because not only is that Detroit hood but it’s not our hood. He talking trailer park s–t. So, you get to hear about the white hood. Eminem gave us what it was like in his hood growing up. So, the way the ghetto expression can be it’s beautiful. It’s out there in all types of different regions. It just don’t have to end at the Yankee Stadium. Those up in Atlanta. Those up in Detroit. Those up in LA.” said Big Daddy Kane.

Then he continued talking about Eminem’s part in his documentary called “Paragraphs I Manifest“: “Em showed love when we reached out. He said yeah. He showed love and the crazy story is, he told me stuff about myself that I never even thought about. I mean, you as an MC, you writing but you are not sitting there thinking ‘I gotta add something that does this,’ you just writing what comes in mind. That’s what I’m doing. And he pointed out stuff that I did and I’m sitting there listening him talk and the whole time I’m looking at him but in my mind I’m like ‘for real? I did that? Oh s–t.!’ Now I’m sitting there and when I’m finished I had to go back and listen to the records from mid eighties, early eighties like ‘there had to be someone that did it before me.’ Like damn! I never thought about that. He said some deep stuff man.”

Then the crew continued talking about Melle Mel and Eminem situation: “That’s just Mel. The bottom line is that, rather he’s right or wrong, I feel like myself, you, Eminem and so many others would not be here or would not be gifted at this if it was not for Mel.”

You can watch the interview below: