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DJ Kool, Big Daddy Kane & Kwamé left speechless after Wisdom Martin calls Eminem worst rapper ever




FOX 5 journalist Wisdom Martin gave Eminem an ‘F’ grade while talking the best and worst rappers of all time with Big Daddy Kane, DJ Kool and Kwamé who are getting ready for their upcoming All Stars of Hip Hop concert at Eaglebank Arena this year.

“Bad grade goes to my least favorite rapper of all time: Eminem. ‘F.’ Worst rapper I’ve ever heard. If it was not for Dr. Dre he’d probably be hosting a show with me. That’s how bad he is. He’s just not good to me. bla bla bla Slim Shady, bla bla bla. No, it’s not good. It’s not! Without Dr. Dre… I don’t know.” – said Wisdom Martin

Big Daddy Kane was left speechless, DJ Kool left the interview and Kwamé was laughing at him while kept asking “WHY?”

You can watch the interview below: