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White Gold says “Hey Slim” track with Eminem never coming out




Are you ready to get on a new Eminem album hype train? Then…jump in. Yesterday, a user on X who goes by the username @davidhayes1017 and calls himself ‘Music Industry Insider,’ tweeted: “Rihanna, Lil Wayne, & White Gold are listed as TBA Guest Features for an Album under “Unknown” with “Rapper” on the title. Unless there’s a mistake on the Uploader’s End who posted the Slate for March 15th. Next week is empty for Hip Hop besides this artist. It isn’t Kanye.

As the user’s description says, he’s MEDIA PRODUCER, Film Director/Producer. Boxing Analysts and Emmy Award Winning Journalist. He even made a poll asking fans who they think is dropping on March 15 and Eminem dominates with more than 90% of the votes. That’s how hungry Slim Shady fans are right now.

Under the initial tweet, someone commented: “White Gold previewed a track where he starts singing “Hey, slim”. Em has been in the studio for some time, he also confirmed he’s working on “a little something”. And both Rihanna and Wayne are possible features for a new Em project! Do you know anything else about this drop?” On that, White Gold replied: “That song is never coming out…I hadn’t even sent it. It was just an idea I was working on that I forgot to put in my close friends. Sorry.

This lyrics of the song mentions “Slim” and references “As The World Turns,” a 1999 song where Eminem appears entirely as Slim Shady, an alias which represents the dark and impulsive side of his personality. The intro of the snippet goes like this: “Hey Slim, wanna get wasted? / You got all the money in the world, I know your bored / No, but really, Slim / You know you can have 2 million hoes when you tour, maybe more / Look, I thought you was a rapper / Besides the money, ain’t this what you doin’ it for? / Maybe I’m wrong, and as the world turns / You know the public is movin’ on from you, right?”

White Gold and Eminem have previously collaborated on two tracks, “You Gon’ Learn” with Royce 5’9″ and “Zeus”, both from Music To Be Murdered By album. Couple of years ago, the musician hinted that more songs with Em was on the way.

In some related news, few hours ago, Mr. Cii, who previously remixed Eminem’s “Rap God” which finally ended up as a surprise bonus track on Slim Shady’s second greatest hits album Curtain Call 2. On January 16th 2022, Mr. Cii commented on a Paul Rosenberg Twitter post to check out a remix he made. Paul saw the comment and asked for a Dropbox link to which Mr. Cii would send the song. Maybe Mr. Cii got another banger for Em?