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Lil Wayne gives high praise to Eminem’s Battle Rap skills




Lil Wayne has recently sat down with Taylor Rooks to discuss his song with Kevin Durant, why he’s the LeBron James of rap and how his experience has helped him become a better artist. The 5x Grammy winner also opens up about the evolution of the industry, wanting to perform at the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show and being proud of Drake’s success. Lil Wayne also offers advice to Angel Reese and predicts Ja Morant to be the next face of the NBA. At one point of the interview, Weezy talked about what makes hip-hop competitive and brought Eminem as an example.

“I was around when rap music was competitive. I was around when there was such thing called ‘battle rap.’ That was an art form of rap where I can literally…It was almost almost comedic. What I mean by that is, a comedian can, you know, they roast each other. They don’t mean nothing by it.” said Lil Wayne.

Then he continued: “Battle rap was the same. You got these people. They standing in the circle and you know…Eminem might take your head off about something you felt great about yourself in the mirror before you got there, you know, and then they come back and do the same. So, that was an art form. They had people that, to this day, there’s battle raps that went down and they are not filmed, they aren’t recorded and there are legends come out of that because of that. We don’t have that no more. I was around during that.”

You can watch the interview below: