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Lil Wayne reacts to Eminem & Juice WRLD new song




DJ Whoo Kid has recently shared a clip from his interview with Lil Wayne that happened about a month ago where the two briefly talked about new Eminem and Juice WRLD song, “Lace It,” which was not yet released at that time.

Whoo Kid: Shout out to Eminem, I think he sent me a joint with Juice WRLD. RIP Juice WRLD. So we are going to get into that.

Lil Wayne: Ugh, RIP… Wait, wait! Em got a joint with Juice WRLD? That’s hard! It’s so cool. That made me feel awesome! That made me feel good. Em cool for that.

Keep in mind that the interview was recorded about a month ago, weeks before “Lace It” song dropped. You can watch it below: