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Twista says Eminem owes him a verse




Twista has recently stopped by HipHopDX for an interview to talk about his fastest bars, his legendary career, the anniversary of his critically acclaimed, multi-platinum and Billboard No.1 album Kamikaze (2004) and much more. At one point of the interview, the interviewer jokingly asked something about Eminem.

Interviewer: I was also gonna ask, Has Em sent over a free feature verse for stealing SEO clout on your album title yet? [meaning Kamikaze]
Twista: Nah, he need to. He owes me a verse on the song now. For that to happen [Laughs].

Interviewer: When you saw that, were you like ‘ah, c’mon, not again’ cause it happened with Common too. There was at least some back and forth about the album title.
Twista: Yeah, but it happens man. It happens. That’s something that I had to learn in hip-hop. You know, early on you would swear a person is concentrating on you, your little a-s when you doing it. But that thing happens man. So, like I said, I’m still a fan.

Even though hip-hop fans have been asking for it forever, Twista and Eminem have never worked together before. But better late than never, right?… Watch the new interview below: