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Millyz says he grew up listening Benzino but Eminem’s his favorite rapper




Millyz has recently sat down with Bootleg Kev where the Cambridge, Massachusetts-born rapper talked about Eminem and Benzino.

“I did grow up listening to Benzino. I went to school in Boston. I’m from Cambridge but I went to school in Charlestown. When I’m 14, or something around there, I think that’s when I believe the Eminem and Benzino beef was happening. I know different facts than other people. I know Benzino and them really in the streets beat people up. It’s crazy cause when you have different understanding of somebody. I always felt like if fans knew my real real real real real life, they would love me twenty times more.” said Millyz.

Then he continues: “Even though Benzino’s raps were not the illest s–t in the world, I believed certain s–t. It’s more like you got a friend hanging out and he is a killer but is not like a real rapper but when he raps he’s rapping killing and s–t, it’s hard cause you believe him.”

“So, I will say that I listened to some Benzino but Em was my favorite though. I was like 90 percent Eminem and like 10 percent Benzino. But I would not just go against Benzino cause he’s still from 6-1-7.”

“My favorite Eminem album is The Eminem Show. ‘Say Goodbye To Hollywood’ man! I’mma tell you. He said some of the illest, intricate raps ever on The Slim Shady LP but he got so introspective on TES. From rapping perspective, Slim Shady LP is crazy. But The Eminem Show is incredible cause how introspective he got and s–t.”

“I’m not sure if Eminem knows me. I’m not sure. I feel like he do. I feel like I’m on Drake’s radar. Hopefully I’m on Em’s radar too cause I bodied a lot of Eminem beats. I bodied a lot of Drake beats.” Millyz added.

In case you missed it, Millyz has recently released “Tonight” single, his re-make of Eminem’s iconic song “Stan,” featuring Dido.

You can watch the new interview below: