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Cam’ron talks about Eminem being one of the best rappers



Cam'ron / Eminem

Speaking in a video posted to Instagram over the weekend, Cam’ron answered questions from the fans. When one of the users asked him if he thinks Eminem is one of the best rappers or not, here is what Harlem, New York-born rapper replied:

“Is Eminem one of the best rappers? Yes, Eminem is one of the best rappers. Look, what happens is, a lot of people say Eminem don’t be sayin’ nothin’ he just putting words together or whatever but you gotta realize you gotta do what works for you. If that works for Eminem, for him to make all the money he made and the Grammys and awards, he so rich that he can’t come outside by himself then that just works for Eminem.” – Cam’ron said.

Then he continued: “You gotta respect n-ggas that’s going to get their checks so when you hear Eminem saying he just put the words together, he lives… He’s from Middle America. Now when n-ggas say Middle America you gotta realize what Middle America is. For people who don’t know, Ohio is only five and a half hours from New York but they call it the mid-west. Why? I don’t know. So, in the Middle America, you got Ohio, you got Michigan, you got Kentucky, you got Wyoming, you got North Dakota. You got all these places so if that works for Eminem? Cool. If I was Eminem and that was paying my bills I would have been like *Rappity rap.* I’ll be doing all that for that chicken n-gga. You gotta go where the chicken at. Now, if you got mad money and you doing it for the love I dig that too. That’s different when you doing it for the love.”

“Lots of n-ggas say ‘yo I’m the realest, nobody realer than me, I’m the realest rap out.’ If it don’t translate it don’t matter. Real n-ggas can rap and the n-gga don’t give a f–k, it’s about selling it. If you can’t sell it, it don’t matter. You got bulletproof vest on, gun in both ankles… If they don’t believe you, they don’t believe you and you don’t matter. That’s that. So to answer your question, do I think Eminem is a good rapper? Yeah! I believe Eminem is a good rapper.” Cam’ron added.

Cam also spoke on his beef with 50 Cent: “When me and 50 Cent was going on, that s–t was fun. Shout out to my n-gga 50, we good now too. But when 50 dissed me, it started when 50 said Koch Entertainment is the graveyard for a lot of rappers. At the time, Jim Jones had just gone to Koch and Jim Jones is Dipset so we got into a whole argument on the phone. All that s–t to me was just music. Even when 50 and me spoke, he was like, ‘Let’s get to this money.’ When we spoke, we laughed about that s–t. At the time, I went at 50 because he had done a diss track. 50 was putting n-ggas out of business with his diss songs.” You can watch the video below: