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Poison Pen recalls Eminem & Proof battling at 88 Hip-Hop Station



Eminem / Big Proof / Poison Pen

Poison Pen and Iron Solomon have recently sat down on Uppercut Podcast where they briefly recalled the story of Eminem and Big Proof battling rappers outside the 88 Hip-Hop Radio Station.

“88 Hip-Hop was very pivotal because it was not just young motherf–kers like us. I told you Fat Joe, Pun and other motherf–kers were there. I met Eminem there. He battled my man Karate Joe. Rest in peace Karate Joe, Flatbush finest, he battled on the corner for cigarettes and Em pulled up with The Outsidaz, with Young Zee, Pace was not there but Young Zee was there. We be young, we knew who Young Zee was, we didn’t know the white boy with a hood on, we know who he [Young Zee] was. Em was ridiculous! Karate Joe and Eminem rhymed back and forth for 114 years on the corner. There is absolutely no footage of that. Things like that would happen regularly outside. That’s where I met him.” said Poison Pen.

Then he continued: “Then I linked up with Proof. Rest in peace. Proof used to come out here. Proof did the Blaze battle. Proof actually got booed cause he battled a female and he smoked her! I don’t remember the girls name but he battled shorty and he smoked her! This is also a different era so he was talking wild, disrespecting the f–k out of her so she got the sympathy vote cause he was going so hard on her, obviously he won they wasn’t having that so they booed him and s–t and shorty got the sympathy win and my ni–a proof lost. That s–t was crazy. That’s history right there. I said I met Em out there. 88 Hip-Hop is were my battle rap journey started.”

You can watch the interview below: