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Whoo Kid recalls Eminem shooting up his & Proof’s hotel rooms in Japan




We have heard this story before but in a recent interview, DJ Whoo Kid revisited the story of Eminem shooting up his hotel room while touring with D12 and G-Unit in Japan in 2003.

“We fall asleep and we were like two groupies. Japanese chicks does not speak English but I just DJed in front of Eminem so these girls were back there to f–k us. One fell asleep and and her friend was acting weird. Then she fall asleep on the couch. We don’t lock our doors cause Yakuza’s outside. But Eminem was like at 3 A.M. walking around hallways and he sees my door open and he kicks my door in and the girl that was on the couch wakes up. Eminem has a mask and he just starts shooting. The girl sees him and she faints. She thought she was gonna get killed or something. She wakes us up and she’s screaming. I was like, ‘yo he is not trying to kill us.” – says Whoo Kid.

Then he continues: “Then we called police and then police came and they just looking around and nothing happened after that. So day four, we are all in a mess hall, cause Eminem’s s–t is crazy, he has the video game room, when you tour with him it’s like  a playland. So no we are in the room to do a sound check and I’m telling everybody what happened but he’s just sitting there like whatever. He didn’t even respond to say that it was him that kicked the door in.”

He also kicked Proof’s door in and he started shooting with the mask on.” – Whoo Kid

“And four days later, he didn’t even tell nobody that it was him while we were all scared a s–t. He’s Eminem. He’s joker, a wildest kid. He never told us it was him. We were like why you never told us so we could have no anxiety.” he added.

You can watch the interview below: