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Royce 5’9″ urges Eminem again to another Bad Meets Evil project



Royce 5'9" / Eminem

Nasaan and Royce 5’9″ have recently sat down with Way Up With Angela Yee where they talked about Nasaan’s upcoming album Error 404 that’s releasing on April 25, 2024, featuring BabyTron, Royce 5’9″, Icewear Vezzo and more. They also talked sobriety, Cordae, Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, Obie Trice, Big Proof, their biggest mistakes and much more.

Nasaan & Royce 5’9″ on Cordae
Nasaan: I don’t even have a problem with the dude. I actually like him as a person. I picked on him a few years ago and then my fans just loved it. It’s like an inside joke. That’s messed up. That’s mean. I probably gonna stop. So, shout out to Cordae though. It’s rooted in competition. It’s not like a personal beef.
Royce 5’9″: I love Cordae. He is so emotionally intelligent. That’s why I didn’t think anything of it. And you know how the rappers are when they are young. I was the same way. I was doing more than ripping pictures.

Royce 5’9″ on DJ Premier and Eminem
Me and Preem working on, it’s a joint thing we do together called PRhyme, so we working on third installment right now. As far as me and Marshall, all he has to do is sent me a text message and I’m to the studio whenever he’s ready. We pretty much do that on his time. And he’s always on some type of time. He’s always on some sort of mission. I don’t know what he’s doing right now but I know he’s recording a lot of stuff.

Nasaan on Paul Rosenberg
When Paul discovered me I was somebody who was just really good at rapping. I didn’t have myself figured out. Now I understand more who I am, not only as an artist but as a person. There is more to steer and guide now. Paul is helping and plying a part and it’s easier for him to understand who he’s working with. He’s a big homie. He’s always in my corner.

Royce 5’9″ on Obie Trice 
I have not spoken to Obie Trice in a while. I bumped into him couple of times but it was an environment where we could really like kick it but I’ve heard some things. I’ve got that feeling [to reach out and talk] couple of times watching him. That’s a slipper uphill slope. I don’t wanna step on toes or say anything that’s gonna offend anybody. I know, how us as addicts, we get defensive when people come at us in any kind of way about our problems. If ever the opportunity for me to speak to him, if he ever feels the need to speak to somebody I’m certainly somebody he can definitely reach out to. I’m always available for that. That’s like a big thing to me too as well. Just not only being sober but taking the steps through my sobriety helping other people. It’s so tough to do because you don’t wanna seem like one of those people who got sober and now you coming from a place of judgement.