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Nick Cannon says he’s an Eminem fan, ranks his top 5 songs




During World Famous Top 5 session on his show, Nick Cannon said he’s a fan of Eminem and listed his top 5 songs of all time.

“I am an Eminem fan. To celebrate Eminem we are going to do top 5 Eminem songs. Number five, the one that put him on the map, HI MY NAME IS, SLIM SHADY. Number four, this was a big one, he was talking that talk, he was putting all out there. CLEANIN’ OUT MY CLOSET.” said Nick.

Then he continued: “Number three, one of the most creative songs I’ve ever heard in hip-hop and he’s joined on there by the one and only Dr. Dre, GUILTY CONSCIENCE. They were talking s–t on that one. Number two Slim Shady songs of all time, this is where it gets controversial ladies and gentleman. One of the best stories in hip-hop history. Here it is, STAN. Some people say ‘Stan’ could be number one. Men lie, women lie but number don’t. Took them all the way to the Oscars, Eminem’s biggest song ever, you know it, you love it, LOSE YOURSELF.”

“There is top 5 Eminem songs of all time. Do you agree? Shouts out to Marshall. Let’s do it. It’s top 5. It’s incredible” – Nick added.

In the description of the video, Nick Cannon wrote: “Sending out a Happy Birthday to #Eminem and to celebrate these are the TOP 5 Em songs of all time!”

You can watch it below: