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Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg considers making movie about Ken Kaniff



Eminem / Paul Rosenberg / Ken Kaniff

Eminem‘s longtime friend and manger, Paul Rosenberg has recently hit Instagram to share some update on upcoming “HOW MUSIC GOT FREE” documentary which tells the gripping true story of Dell Glover, a CD factory worker from Shelby, North Carolina, who led the music piracy revolution by collaborating with a group of teen hackers. The film explores the rise and fall of piracy groups, legal battles, FBI investigations, and the impact on artists and executives. It delves into the secret history of the music industry and the true patient zero of music piracy. Narrated by Method Man with interviews from Eminem, 50 Cent, Rocsi Diaz, Timbaland and more, it captures the clash between traditional music distribution and the digital revolution.

The documentary is produced by Philip Byron, Marshall Mathers, Paul Rosenberg, LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Steve Stoute, Jamal Henderson, Bridgette Theriault, Dan Sacks, James Chapman, Steve Berman, John Janick, Anthony Seyler, Stephen Witt, Alexandria Stapleton, Bruce Gillmer, Michael Maniaci and Malik Johnson.

I’m a little late here, but this past Saturday 3/9/24 at @sxsw in Austin, TX we held the premier screening of our documentary “HOW MUSIC GOT FREE” at the Stateside Theatre. We produced the doc in association with @makespringhill & @interscopefilms. Afterwards we had a brisk panel Q&A with our director @stapletonkas writer @stephenwittbooks and Dell Glover. The 2-part documentary film will be available on @paramountplus very early this summer!” Paul Rosenberg captioned his Instagram post.

In the comments, one of the fans replied: “You should make a movie about Ken Kaniff from Connecticut.” On which Paul responded: “yes. Yes we should.” Ken Kaniff aka Ken Kenneth (Tony Maloney Rose) is a recurring character in skits and, initially, songs on Eminem’s albums. He was originally made and voiced by Aristotle on the skit “Ken Kaniff” on The Slim Shady LP. However, a dispute between him and Eminem resulted in both artists severing ties. The character, as he appears on The Marshall Mathers LP, has since been voiced exclusively by Eminem, while Aristotle’s original version of Ken still exists as a bisexual, adult male still attending high school. Ken is portrayed as having an expansive imagination coupled alongside a distinctly psychopathic mind state which rationalizes both pedophilia and an irrational hate for minor authority figures.

Aristotle (sometimes known as Aris for short and fully as Aristotle Benoit) is an underground rapper who used to live in Detroit and was signed to Web Entertainment where he was labelmates with Eminem until they had a falling out in 1999. While it is largely unknown where he is today, he does have a soundcloud account here. He is the original creator of Ken Kaniff, a character who has popped up in Eminem’s work from time to time. The Ken Kaniff character originated from a skit he did where he prank-called Eminem and pretended to be Ken Kaniff from Connecticut. However, Eminem put the skit on The Slim Shady LP without Aristotle’s permission and thus their beef began.

In related news, SOUNDRAW, an artificial intelligence-powered beat and track generator, has raised $3 million in funding as it continues to grow its platform which has so far garnered a following of over 557,000 creators. The investment round was led by Carbide Ventures, with participation from other investors including mint VC, Ceres, iSGS, SMBC Venture Capital, Deepcore, and Kazuomi Kaneto. Notably, Paul Rosenberg, CEO of Goliath Artists and President of Shady Records. Reports Music Business Worldwide.


Screenshot from Paul Rosenberg’s Instagram.