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Calicoe recalls the night Proof died, says Bizarre carried on what Proof was doing




Detroit battle rap legend Calicoe has recently sat down with Kid L where they talked about his come up in the battle scene, and even being named by Proof. He tells a story of D12‘s Bizarre, making safety a priority during a rap battle that almost went left. They also talked about the Ultimate Rap League and his relationship with Smack.

“Bizarre is my dawg. If I would never told nobody that Bizarre helped me a lot in my situation and put me in position to win, nobody would know cause he never tells nobody. He would never tell nobody. Proof never tell nobody.” – said Calicoe.

Then he continued: “Proof was getting behind me before he passed. The night Proof died, I was downtown at his studio, whole night, waiting for him to come back from a bar cause I was too young I could not even get in to the bar. So, I could not go with him to the bar. I was doing a mixtape at his studio. He was going to push whole mixtape for me. He died that night, I went to school next morning seeing it on the news and they were like ‘D12 member has been shot.’ They didn’t even release the name. My blood cousin is Kuniva and everybody around me calling, making sure he okay and then we found out it was Proof.”

“That was some crazy s–t for me. I’m young as hell and somebody saying to me they gonna do this for me, they gonna put the album together, I don’t gotta pay for nothing, it’s all good, they believe me and then they die. I don’t even tell that story a lot. Bizarre carried on what Proof was doing. A lot of people don’t know Future in 8 Mile is Proof. A lot of people don’t know Proof had long dreads back in the day. A lot of people don’t understand that Proof was behind battle rap.” – Calicoe added.

You can watch the interview below: