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Kuniva responds to people who claim Eminem also has ghoswriters




Kuniva of D12 has recently responded to people who claim Eminem might also be using ghostwriters, in the context of Slim Shady may also was getting some help when he was in the studio with D12 or Royce 5’9″.

Benzino has recently admitted to having help writing his Eminem diss track but claims he spit the rhymes and “killed it.” He also said that Royce 5’9” sometimes ghostwrote for Eminem too. In the video clip, shared couple of weeks ago, Zino says: “People ask if somebody else wrote it. Look, I was in the studio, and I was in the studio with some guys and I was writing and they was passing me lines and it was just, yeah, you got the team. It’s alright. I’m sure Eminem is also in the studio with Royce and Royce give him lines. All the amazing lyricists that he has been around, you don’t think they gave him a line or two? It’s hip-hop. It’s okay! Bottom line was, I spit it and the bottom line was, I killed it. And bottom line was, a lot of s–t I’ve been researching for years, as far as the stuff that’s in it. Yeah, of course I wrote that.”

In response, Royce commented on Diverse Mentality‘s Instagram post, saying: “You said “I’m sure when Em is in the studio ROYCE gives him a line here and there” Wrong.. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.. Not even once… But to each his own…”

CyHi The Prynce has recently sat down with Math Hoffa and the rest of the crew on My Expert Opinion and suggested that Eminem might also has ghostwriters in positive way: “You think he ain’t have no ghostwriters? Man, you ain’t sitting around 12 n-ggas just f–king smoking blunts. It’s called D12. It’s called Proof. It’s called all them n–gas he grew up with.” He then made clear, however, that he was not necessarily saying those people wrote bars for Eminem. Instead, he said that it was important for rappers to surround themselves with people who bring them “thoughts,” “ideas,” and “experiences.”

Now D12’s Kuniva speaks out. The Detroit rapper has shared a video of Warren G talking about Eminem writing for Dr. Dre: “Eminem is dope. I ain’t saying Game ain’t dope but Eminem is…You gotta look at what motherf–ker wrote. Things just ain’t the same for gangstas. He wrote that for Dre! That’s one of my favorite f–king songs. How the f–k can you write this for this ni–a and the s–t sound like it’s him. And that motherf–ker went diamond plus, diamond plus, diamond plus and all that s–t. He’s talented. I ain’t taking s–t from Game, Game is dope too. But they different. The Game is also student of the game, it’s just Eminem…I promise you that motherf–ker wrote that s–t like he was inside Dre’s body in his head. That s–t was so mothef–king hard.” In the caption, Kuniva wrote: “When they talk like my big bro Eminem has a ghostwriter. How SWAY?! A ghostwriter who needs a ghostwriter?? Get the f–k out of here. GOAT. Shout out to the big homie @regulator.

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