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Warren G chooses Eminem over The Game & explains why Eminem is one of the best rappers ever




Warren G has recently sat down with NORE and DJ EFN on Drink Champs where he spoke on his come up alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Warren shares crazy unheard stories about the creation of his smash hit “Regulate” and The Chronic album. He also opens up about beefing with Suge Knight, Witnessing the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry, and narrowly avoiding getting shot on multiple occasions. Throughout the interview, Warren keeps it real about his decades-long career and reflects on the loss of his dear friend Nate Dogg.

At one point of the interview, DJ EFN asked Warren G to choose between Eminem and The Game. Here is what Long Beach, California-born rapper replied:

“Eminem. Eminem is dope. I ain’t saying Game ain’t dope but Eminem is…You gotta look at what motherf–ker wrote. Things just ain’t the same for gangstas. He wrote that for Dre! That’s one of my favorite f–king songs. How the f–k can you write this for this ni–a and the s–t sound like it’s him. And that motherf–ker went diamond plus, diamond plus, diamond plus and all that s–t. He’s talented. I ain’t taking s–t from Game, Game is dope too. But they different. The Game is also student of the game, it’s just Eminem…I promise you that motherf–ker wrote that s–t like he was inside Dre’s body in his head. That s–t was so mothef–king hard.”

You can watch the segment below: