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D12 respond after Benzino claimed one of D12 members told him about Royce ghostwriting for Eminem




Few days ago, Benzino said has proof of Royce Da 5’9” ghostwriting for Eminem and the evidence is coming from one of D12 ’s members.

Zino said on Instagram: ““I finally got the proof I needed. Someone in their inner circle (D12) just confirmed it. Royce has ghostwroted for your rap god Eminem. Neither one of them p-ssies have responded and when they do I will not only release more diss tracks but I will also release the info I have that proves it. So stay tuned hip-hop, it’s about to go really crazy.”

D12’s official facebook page has recently shared Southpawer’s video of Benzino’s Drink Champs interview where the former co-owner of The Source magazine got emotional and started crying over Eminem beef and other matters.

One of the fans commented: “He needs help. He tried to drag you, D12 into this mess saying one of you confirmed Royce was ghostwriting for Em” On which, D12 replied: “None of us talk to him. Therefore we didn’t confirm anything.

Someone commented: “I’ve been an Eminem fan since day one, so naturally dislike Benzino, but watching this I actually felt for him. He’s a mess. I think he is so frustrated at the state of “black America” that he’s taken his frustration out on Eminem. The drunk Benzino actually spoke a lot of sense. The ego was gone. The bravado was gone. For once I actually listened to him and thought, you know what bro, I see why you chat the shit you chat. He’s a very disturbed and frustrated man. Hopefully this can be a turning point for him. I hope Em can see this too and say, f-ck it. He’s a tired donkey. Just let it rest now. It’s not even a contest. Bro needs therapy.” On that, D12 replied: ”He’s not frustrated with the state of “Black America.” He was frustrated that he couldn’t get ALL black people to side with him.

You can check everything in a video below: