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Rory wants Eminem’s “Stans” documentary to expose fans of Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé & Rihanna




During one of the new episodes of New Rory & Mal, Rory talked about Eminem‘s upcoming documentary “Stans,” which according to the synopsis, is a “revealing, edgy, and disarmingly personal journey into the world of superfandom, told through the lens of one of the world’s most iconic and enduring artists, Eminem, and the fans that worship him.”

During the podcast, Rory said: “I did see very interesting headline on my way here. Eminem is producing a Stan documentary about the obsessed fans. Now, when I first read the headline, I was hoping it was going to be direct shots at our biggest Stan groups like the Barbz, BeyHive, The Navy. Read more into it and it’s about his obsessed fans which I still think is gonna be an interesting doc, where even though it’s only gonna be Eminem’s Stans, I think some of the groups are going to have come to the podium, if it’s an effective doc to see how this is mental illness. I don’t think it’s a doc about Eminem fans that show them on TRL. I think it’s gonna make them look insane.”

Then he continued: “I think Eminem might be the only person who can do this right now. I think this is an extremally important topic to discuss, obsession just in general about people you don’t know. I don’t think any superstar would have balls even think it’s a smart idea to discuss the possibility of mental illness within your fanbase. Nicki could never expose that cause that’s her army. A leader is not going to expose his troops in any type of weakness. He’s going to utilize them and continue to manipulate them to get to the end goal. Em, and where are not going to have the same argument we had about that horrible BET Donald Trump freestyle, but my point in making that was that I respected that he made that decision even though the freestyle sucked, I respect this decision as well. I think this is an extremely important topic that needs to be talking about and I think Em is the only one who can do it. Because he’s cool, if he loses his fans, he is fine. And what other artists would to that? Beyoncé is not going to talk about BeyHive, unless it’s the most positive light ever. And she knows a lot of them probably have a weird obsess.”

“Now, here is what it sucks that it’s Eminem. We are gonna watch it. All Eminem fans are gonna watch it. It’s gonna do great. It’s gonna do crazy numbers. The people that I think need to watch it are not gonna see it because it’s Eminem documentary. Even if Nicki did something like this, all the fans that hate Nicki, would still watch it to then debate and hate each other. Eminem fans, it’s Eminem fans, and no one else. Nicki fans, every time Cardi B drops, they are going to watch it and vice versa, even Beyonce versus Taylor Swift. There is rivalries between these hives that needs to be addressed and if one of them did something, all the other hives would watch it. Eminem’s hives just mind their own business over here and no one even give a f-ck.”

“Em has spoken about that type of stuff in White America so I know he’s not scared to address like ‘hey a lot of my success and weird fans are based off the marketing of being a white blonde kid from the Midwest. I guess my point more is, if hypothetically Nicki did something like this and expose some of the Barbz for probably having a weird obsession that needs to be studied a bit just for the humanity. All of the Bardigang would watch it to clown how mentally ill the Barbz are and I think we need that moment for Bardigang to look in the mirror at the same time. Cause they are gonna watch it and they will clown all the Barbz, but then Barbz turn around and say you just mentally ill. They just broke down how Stans are legitimately need to be studied. This is an obsession and weird mental illness that we need to fix but no one’s gonna look in the mirror [after watching Eminem documentary]. Barbz are not gonna watch it and be like ‘oh, man.’

“Back to my point about Em and his fanbase, I think its gonna be like his recent albums where it’ll do a lot of numbers but it won’t spark any conversation outside the Eminem fanbase. There gonna be some write ups on press cause of course it’s Eminem but I just don’t know if it will reach where it needs to reach. And that’s the internet Stan community for real that needs to look at themselves in the mirror after watching that doc and saying ‘AM I STAN?!’ from that video.” Rory added.

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