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Conway: “Eminem told me my album is classic, that’s more than any check anyone could offer me”




Rory and Mal has recently chatted with Conway The Machine where he talked about Eminem and his deal with Shady Records.

“I will keep it one hundred. I can’t really talk about how Pau and them do business prior to me. I signed my deal in 2017. We fulfilled our deal but I was never in none of the meetings. I never read a paperwork. I never complained anything. I will keep it one thousand bro I ain’t make no bread off Shady – Griselda – Insterscope deal. I just jumped in a driver’s seat and did good with my albums.” said Conway.

Then he continues: “I gotta shout out Paul and Shady. From what I see he exceeded my expectations. Eminem called me ‘yo ni**a that s**t is a classic bro, I’m listening to classic here. I got two songs left but you might have just dropped a hip-hop classic. Eminem told me like that. I don’t need no money, that’s more than any check anybody could sign me cause I hold Em on that high regard.”

“To be even part of this s**t and then just have my name etched in that history book and being a part of this story that means a lot to me.” Conway added.

You can watch the interview below: