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Ras Kass weighs in “The Game vs Eminem” debate




Veteran rapper Ras Kass addresses his beef with The Game and gives his opinion on The Game saying he’s a better rapper than Eminem on Drink Champs.

When asked about his opinion on this topic, here is what legendary LA rapper replied: “I’m a fan of Eminem. And I’m going to say this. Only rappers that write their raps should battle rappers that write their raps. Period [Indicating The Game is not wiring his own lyrics]. I’m not big respector of who is more popular though.”

Ras then continues talking about The Game critiquing the system of music industry: “Let’s say you watch somebody that ain’t popular and they’d be like ‘yo that s**t is rigged it’s f**ked up’ and when they get poppin’ they are like ‘yeah I did it. I did it by myself.’ And when they ain’t poppin’ no more they are like ‘that s**t is rigged.’ I feel like some people complain about the system when they don’t work in their advantage but all the time they were working in their advantage, it was all good.”

“Eminem as an emcee deserves a respect just as much as Royce 5’9″, Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Chino XL, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul. Ain’t no ni**a on the pedestal high enough where he can’t get into a battle but one rule of it is you gotta write your raps. If you don’t write your raps and you sit around with two or three other ni**as helping write your raps you are not in this conversation. And you could extrapolate from that what you want. I’m not naming no weird ni**as in this conversation.” Ras Kass added.

You can watch the interview below: