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Cyhi The Prynce says Eminem is Top 5 Rapper but suggests Em also used ghostwriters




CyHi The Prynce has been in the studio with Kanye West and Travis Scott for a while, and he’s used that experience to speculate about Eminem‘s writing process.

CyHi has recently sat down with Math Hoffa and the rest of the crew on My Expert Opinion where he shared some thoughts about Slim Shady. The Stone Mountain, Georgia-born rapper began by saying that in his opinion, Eminem is a “top five” emcee. “I don’t know what n–gas be talkin’ about like Em ain’t top 5. Em is top 5! I’m sorry.” And then “with no ghostwriters,” commented co-host Mecca, a comment that inspired CyHi to talk about the nature of inspiration.

“You think he ain’t have no ghostwriters? Man, you ain’t sitting around 12 n-ggas just f–king smoking blunts. It’s called D12. It’s called Proof. It’s called all them n–gas he grew up with.” – CyHi The Prynce said.

He then made clear, however, that he was not necessarily saying those people wrote bars for Eminem. Instead, he said that it was important for rappers to surround themselves with people who bring them “thoughts,” “ideas,” and “experiences.”

Without that, he said, “I wouldn’t have nothing to rap about. That’s more important than actually making it rhyme, is having something to talk about. Because there’s a lot of n–gas who can just rhyme and don’t be talking about s–t.”

You can watch the interview below: