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Ca$his calls out Benzino’s ghostwriters, including Cassidy | calls Eminem GOAT




Ca$his has recently sat down on Wraps Interviews, where the former Shady Records artist talked about Benzino namedropping him on “Rap Elvis.” Cash revealed that he has a bomb diss track ready for Benzino if he responds.

“He mentioned me in a song. I felt like he was using my name as part of a diss to Em. He was s–ting on me along in order to s–t on Em. I can’t respect that. If he had left my name out of it, I probably wouldn’t say nothing cause Em ain’t gonna respond to him. Em at a way high level than him.” said Ca$his.

Then he continued: “We are up 2-0 right now. I’m waiting for him to go and say something else and I’m really go and get that ni–a. I just popped him right now but I’mma stand over him on this next one and make sure he don’t never come back. But chances are he run around like a little b–ch and be scared. Throw rock and hide his hands. I’m surprised his ghostwriters even go step up. You sure you wanna hop in these flames? You don’t wanna test me bar for bar and see what I really get. I don’t know if it’s Cassidy. I’m just saying, whoever the ghostwriter is, I served Benzino, that means I served you too. Just go let that slide? You ain’t got no type of pride as a man or as an MC. Damn shame. Whoever it is, hop your a– on the ring. You were the one who said my name. Don’t let this ni–a Femzino take all the heat for it. You using this ni–a as a human shield right now. Whole world is dissing this fool. It’s damn shame.”

“I’m Shady forever. I coined the Shady Gang phrase. I came to Shady Records and took this to the hot. This meant everything to me. I ain’t turning my back on Shady Gang. Ni–as are waking up sleeping giants right now. We might get that 1.0 back jumping. They really really really woke up the lion right now. Em is one of the GOATs. I don’t believe there is one singular GOAT. Em is definitely one of them.” – Ca$his added.

You can watch the entire interview below: