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Danny Brown talks about Eminem vs Benzino & MGK on Drink Champs



N.O.R.E. / Danny Brown / Eminem

In the latest episode of Drink Champs, Detroit’s own Danny Brown sits down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN to discuss his journey to sobriety, his love for Detroit style pizza, and his take on the Eminem vs. MGK and Eminem vs. Benzino beef. Brown also delves into his musical influences, including Nas, Ghostface Killah, and the UK grime scene. The Detroit rapper shares stories about losing his teeth, his experiences with Adderall, and his admiration for the Insane Clown Posse’s business model. Throughout the interview, Brown showcases his unique personality and his deep appreciation for hip hop culture.

At one point of the interview N.O.R.E. asked him whose side he’s on in Slim Shady and Benzino beef. Here is what Danny replied: “I mean, I’m obviously going to ride with my city. I’m an Eminem guy.” Later, the crew talked about Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly and Em’s influence on the game.

DJ EFN: Eminem or MGK?
Danny Brown: C’mon man. Y’all tryna be funny now. I mean, of course it’s gonna be Em. We would not get MGK if it was not for Em. No white boys coming around, you know. We had 3rd Bass, [Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice]. My favorite white rapper right now is El-P.

N.O.R.E.: I’m not gonna lie, we just had Benzino on Drink Champs. I did defend Eminem as much as I can but my favorite white rapper of all times is Eminem. I can’t deny that at all. Zino is my brother but the thing about it is, I don’t like Eminem because he’s white, I like Eminem because I like Eminem. That’s it. I know what he was trying to bait me into doing but no, it’s not I like him because he’s white, I like him because I like syllables, I like how he puts motherf–king words together. F–k that, I don’t care.
Danny Brown: I mean, that’s rappers’ rapper type s–t. You understand how difficult it is to do what he do when you do this s–t. So, motherf–kers always trying to talk s–t. Like ‘we don’t hear Eminem in the club.’ N-gga! You still go to the club?! You hear Eminem at f–king football games and stadiums and s–t like that. At the end of the day, no one can take what he’s done for white boy rappers. It wouldn’t be y’all n–gas now it’s so many f–king Eminem clones in this s–t.

N.O.R.E.: If you go to Spotify, Eminem is still No.1 f–king artist listened to. You know why I wanted to defend Eminem? It’s not only because of Benzino. It’s because I hate when people say ‘yeah, he’s nice for white for a white guy.’ He’s nice because he’s nice!
Danny Brown: No, he was better than n–gas when he first came out. That’s the way he got cracking.