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Benzino’s ghostwriter breaks silence on Eminem diss




Benzino’s “Rap Elvis” ghostwriter, battle rapper Ness Lee finally breaks silence about the diss record and describes the writing process in a new interview with TRAP NEWZ DAILY.

“First of all, f–k that n-gga who sent the video to Cliff Beats. That s–t kinda goofy. But at the end of the day I just wanted to do something historic. I felt like I could accomplish writing a greatest diss song towards Eminem. That’s all I wanted to do.” said Ness Lee.

Then he continued: “If you want to win a round against somebody like Eminem or you want to get close or whatever case may be, I’m the one you come to. I’m not really a fan of everything’s that’s going on after that. First a foremost, I did not have anything to do with the first diss record [Vulturius]. They dropped Proof name like that. I had nothing to do with that. It was not even good enough to be from my pen. Two, I would never disrespect my brother Proof. He was eventually going to sign me back in 03. He was the first person to show me love in the industry of battle rap. That’s my big brother, I would never disrespect him like that. The diss that I did, I said, rest in peace to the best one, the rest of them sound iffy. It was never supposed to be public that it was me. This is my first interview and probably my only interview about it.”

“I’ve been getting some concerned messages from some of my brothers from Detroit, some people who I don’t even know, that felt some kind of way about the first track and I had to tell them that I had nothing to do with that one. I physically does not write that basic. And most of, I would never say that s–t about Proof. If this man [Benzino] is in a war with this dude [Eminem], it’s on him what he wants to say. I can’t dictate. I mean, I can but when I spoke to that man in the beginning, I asked where his mind is on the whole situation and he said ain’t no street involved and that’s when I decided to get involved. I made sure it was not going to be no dumb s–t. I love a lot of people from Detroit.” Ness Lee added. You can watch the entire interview about below: