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N.O.R.E blames Paul Rosenberg for Eminem not doing ‘a real hip-hop interviews’




N.O.R.E, who is one of the hosts on REVLOT TV’s hip-hop show “Drink Champs,” has recently replied to a fan on Twitter who asked why the producers are not inviting Eminem on the show. Noreaga blamed Eminem’s manager and CEO of Shady Records, Paul Rosenberg for it. Check the tweet below:

Few years ago, in an interview with VLAD TV, N.O.R.E showed love to Eminem:

“Eminem is the king in his own right, he’s changed hip-hop and before Eminem, all the white guys, besides Beastie Boys, were kind of dressed in black, kind of trying to be black. Eminem was the first white guy who was like, I AM WHITE. He actually, lyrically is on the level of Nas and great lyricists but his image is O.D.B (Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Eminem is our Elvis and I think we should claim that. I think Dr. Dre is genius for having the foresight for it.”