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Noreaga invites Eminem on Drink Champs




Back in 2016, N.O.R.E., also know as Noreaga reunited with DJ EFN to begin hosting the “Drink Champs” podcast. Since then, some of the biggest hip-hop names were featured in recent episodes, including Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and The Game.

Hip-hop superstars are sharing stories and updates while drinking alcohol. The podcast has achieved more than five million listens per month. Since November 2016, the show has been aired on digital cable television network, Revolt.

Noreaga has recently done a question and answer session on Twitter where fans asked different kinds of question. One of the fans asked him to invite Eminem to Drink Champs: “How about getting Eminem or Jay-Z on drink champs? Those would be epic.” On which NORE replied: “You say it like its that easy!!”

Another user said: “Lol, drunk Eminem would be fun. Try it.” On that, the Queens’ rapper replied: “Paul Rosenberg will never let drunk Eminem exist again and he is right!!!”

Then one of the fans replied: “You had Royce without alcohol right?” Noreaga was quick to reply: “Alcohol isn’t the problem with Em, I want him to know he deserves his roses!!!”

You can check the tweets below:

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