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Joe Budden admits Slaughterhouse break-up was his fault




On the latest episode of REVOLT’s “Drink Champs,” hosted by N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, Joe Budden reflected on Slaughterhouse demise and the New York-bred rapper seemingly took full responsibility for their split.

“Come on, give me the blame; I’ll take it. I’ll take the blame. I ruined everything. Everything that you loved, I ruined that s–t. Even next to 10 years long of just stories and talking, hey, I did it. It was me. It was me!” said Joe Budden.

Then he continues: “I don’t know what was tremendous and what wasn’t but I think E1 [Entertainment] gave us an opportunity and I think Shady [Records] gave us an opportunity. I’m grateful for both. Like, which one was more lucrative, who knows. I don’t think our business was being done the right way at the time so I couldn’t say. We had four managers. That sounds like a mess. I did try to bring one person to manage the group’s entity at one point but that didn’t go well.”

Later on, N.O.R.E started talking about how Slaughterhouse was formed and reminded Joe Budden that him and Royce were dissing each other before joining forces in one group. On that, Joe replied: “You are conflating things. But I guess that’s true at different points. I did a record that was not the friendliest to Royce but I never put it out because him and I got cool and then it got leaked and then it was some back and forth going on. We squashed that and then I reached out for a verse. And that was a Slaughterhouse track. It was me, Royce, Crooked, Joell and Nino Bless. And the reaction was great. So we just kept it up. It was really as simple as that. We kept everybody from the song except Nino Bless. And shout out to him.”

You can watch the interview below: