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DJ Akademiks responds Dr. Umar’s comments about Eminem




During his latest livestream on Twitch, DJ Akademiks responded to Dr. Umar who said on Joe Budden Podcast that Eminem can’t be one of the greatest rappers of all time because him being white.

“Okay okay, my boy Umar was going crazy but I completely disagree with him. I would have agreed with him if he said the most impactful and influential, it would not make sense for the culture that’s rooted in the black culture for most impactful and influential person to be someone who is white. But the skill of rapping and being the best rapper, we are not talking about most important hip-hop artist of all time or the best hip-hop artist of all time, if someone was to say, they believe Eminem is the best at the skill of rapping, I do not have a problem with that.” – DJ Akademiks said.

Then he continued: “By the way, it’s just like, even though I’m pretty sure I just kinda get myself a counter argument while I make argument, I know you would probably say this is not particularly rooted in the tradition, but some could make point that say for example golf, that’s something that’s white culture. But ni–as like Dr. Umar, they’ll come out with weird stat like golf was actually created by a ni–a on the plantation when he took a ball of cotton and rolled it up and hit it…But Anyways, if golf is white people s–t, I think white people also say that the best is Tiger Woods. And it’s about just a skill of being a golfer. I think a skill of being just a rapper, it does not matter what race, where you are from, it’s just about the skill.”

DJ Akadmiks did not stop there: “And that’s where I think that if someone had an opinion that Eminem was the best rapper I wouldn’t have a problem with them saying it. Now, if someone said Eminem is the most impactful rapper or he is the most important rapper, no, clearly not. I do believe that, when we start talking about rappers that have had the cultural impact, this is why I give 2Pac a lot of praise, in the sense of what rap stood for rebellion and revolutionaries, I do think he embodied some of that and I do believe the music he made and the movement he had and his career and life has transcended even beyond his death and influenced other people of other times to use music in a way to stand up for the things. And I think that’s where the greatest hip-hop artist of all time that matters. But if we are only talk about the skill of rapping, no.”

You can watch the livestream below: