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Ice-T shows love to Eminem, Eminem responds!




Ice-T has recently shown love to Eminem on Twitter. The legendary rapper shared a video, which was put together by Shadyverse fan account, of himself talking about fans disrespecting Eminem back in the days.

In the video, Ice says: “I was a fan of Eminem even before Dre signed him. Somebody brought me the tape and it’s him rapping about putting his girl in the trunk and driving off of the bridge. We went on the Wrapped Tour. And I remember white kids used to throw s–t at Eminem. They were really rude to Eminem early in the game. They were going in on him hard. He just kept knocking it out and he kept doing it and I’m like ‘this kid is going to blow up.’ Cause he was paying his dues. I never forget, I was talking to Em and I asked what you want out of this? He said, I just wanna be around like you and Dre. That’s all he wanted. Longevity. He f–king did that.” In the caption, he wrote: “Shout out to my guy @Eminem. True Story.”

Unexpectedly, because Eminem rarely uses social media, Slim Shady responded to Ice-T by twitting: “Ice, thanks for those memories legend!! Seems like just yesterday!! Love you bro!!

Ice T and Eminem has always shown mutual respect over the years. Eminem even appeared in Ice-T’s documentary called Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap back in 2012. Ice also called Eminem one of the greatest rappers in history before. You can check out Ice-T’s tweet and Eminem’s response in the video below: