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Ice-T says he once gave Eminem an advice that he follows to this day




Every weekday the legendary hip-hop artist Ice-T breaks down an inspirational quote on his new Daily Game podcast. In the latest episode, the rap icon explains how being on top of your game and being humble are not mutually exclusive and mentions Eminem during the process.

“I’ve always said that in Rap we like to brag a lot. We like to say I’m this, I’m that. But in real life, all this compliments can’t come from you. The person that says I’m this I’m that is usually saying it cause nobody else is saying it. The greatest compliments are coming from people behind your back. When you are not in the room and they say ‘yo Ice is cool guy, Ice is that, Ice is this.’ What people say to your face is less important than what they say behind your back.” said Ice-T.

Then he continues: “I remember when I met Eminem. And I asked him what he wanted out of the game. And he said, all I wanna do is be around like you and Dre and my comment with him was ‘be a beast on the mic and be humble in real life’ and I think he followed that advice. Because, if you can rap like him, you don’t need to tell people you are great rapper. You show it and you prove it. So you could be dope and in real life you don’t have to be walking around telling people who you are, that’s corny. Let them say it!”

It looks like Eminem really followed Ice-T’s priceless advice cause every artist who ever worked with Slim Shady emphasize how humble nature the Detroit legend has.

You can listen to the podcast below: