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Snap Dogg & Trick Trick respond Benzino coming to Detroit & dissing Eminem



Snap Dogg / Trick Trick

Benzino has recently flown to Detroit to flim the music video of “Rap Elvis” in Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” restaurant. In the videos that surfaced online, Zino appears to be tasting spaghetti and then throwing it away in front of the restaurant. He also picked the signage board and put it into his car. Then he entered into the museum acted silly in front of iconic Eminem collectibles. While nobody from Shady camp has made any comment about it, Detroit’s own Snap Dogg speaks up!

“Detroit, this is what the f–k with doin’ now? This s–t is Detroit VS Everybody. I get how y’all feel about Em. Y’all feel like he ain’t putting nobody on or doing nothing but he did it in his era bro. But y’all going to let another n-gga come from another different city and invade our f–king streets in our city like we some soft a-s n-ggas in this b-tch? Y’all go against another n-gga who’s from the city or  another n-gga who ain’t from the city? Who’s just using y’all and going back home, y’all never going to hear from this man? Who ain’t going to do nothing for your careers? Y’all say Em ain’t doin’ nothing, what Benzino doing for y’all besides using you n-ggas. The city is weak as f–k right now. And my understanding is that this man just cry on interview saying he want no smoke with Em.” said Snap Dogg in one of his Instagram videos.

He then continued: “Benzino, I’m outside today. If me and my n-ggas see you, we beating yo a-s and anybody that you with in the city can’t stop me. Ain’t nobody stoppin’ Snap n-gga. I ain’t worried about n-ggas that you with. C’mon man. Detroit, we gotta do better. No Fly Zone means something! It’s bigger than what the f–k you n-ggas doing bro!”

Then he posted another video, saying: “Only the real gon’ understand me. I don’t expect yo little a-s punk a-s n-ggas to understand me bro. Stand on morals around this b-tch man. Y’all n-ggas from the city laughing at this s–t. You go to this n-gga mama restaurant and taking signs and s–t, n-gga?! Do you realize Benzino you got a daughter that got to come to Detroit if she go on tour boy!”

Snap uploaded another video where he says: “If real n-ggas would have known that that man was coming here and tryna do that, I guarantee that would never happen. That’s just facts. The real ones that’s in the city that got power and know what’s going on. That would never happen bro.”

Trick Trick also left little message for Benzino and Lazarus dropped off the dome freestyle yesterday in support of the city and Eminem. You can Snap Dogg and Trick Trick’s response in the video below: